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Thanks to all who supported MWL over the years. We hand-selected some of our favorite comments.   We cherish your kind words and wanted to share these with you.  We loved hearing from you. Your comments kept us jazzed and helped us plan our menu and events.

Closing Comments - MWL closed on Jan. 1, 2013.

My son loved the empanada and pizza class, and it helped me be more comfortable having him help me in the kitchen at a young age. I think your salty/chocolate chip cookies and asiago roll got me through my second pregnancy. ;) I will miss your store and wish you the best on your next chapter. - Lynne D. 

My sincere best wishes to you moving forward. I'm sorry to hear the cafe is closing, and sorrier still that i moved to Brooklyn and haven't been able to come for the delicious food in a long long time. You were a fabulous hostess, and I'll forever remember the surprise birthday party you and my girlfriend (now wife) Kim threw for me in 2010. It was an amazing night and my friends still talk about it with me and how much fun they had hanging with you that night.
I wish you the very best in the future. - Ron C.

I will miss the Made With Love granola and cookies at Grove Farmer's Market. I will also miss the apple cakes and the apple pie you make. You have done so much for Jersey City, the artists, and the community. I just wanted to say thank you for all that you have done and wish you well in your future. My wife and I went by for some cookies today but saw you were closed. We will be away for the weekend, but we want to come by Monday for one last trip to Made With Love, have some yummy food, say thank you in person and wish you well. - Richard W.

From all of us here at the HDSID, we want to wish you the best of luck in your future "adventures"! You will be missed in our downtown immensely! Please keep in touch and best of luck to you in 2013!! Warmest regards, all of us here at the HDSID - HDSID

I am heartbroken that today's your last day! I can't list all of the incredible meals, treats, desserts brought to colleagues & loved ones, & all of the wonderful memories I've had at MWL (listening to live music, attending art openings or Ladies on the Mic, etc). Thank you for feeding us, supporting the arts & lovely conversation with my daily cup of delicious coffee. I'm so happy for you for your next adventure xxoo - Kathleen B.

Oh Celeste we cannot thank you enough! Everything went beautifully and the pies were delicious. We had several people emailing us the next day  saying how good they were and also saying they wanted to check out made with love. - Margaret and Billy

Thank you so much for hosting us for breakfast on Sunday!  What a treat - I am just sad I didn't do it sooner!  We loved all of the goodies and seriously, that birthday cake was amazing!  Katie A.

It was delicious - Shauvik G.

Both my kids love Celeste and love her cooking classes. I think its a fabulous idea!!  - Sarah (EJ's Mom from Miss Lombardi's class)

Thanks so much for a wonderful job!  We had plenty left over to munch on all week. - Emily (Mom of Sophie).

I just ate the crazie big croissant muffin that I got from the van vorst park market and just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed it! - Vivienne

"The Cake was awesome!! Specially the cup cakes..
Everyone like it a lot!! Thanks a lot!!" - Prashant

"Thank you so much for the wonderful cake you made for my wife. She loved it and so did all our friends. The cake tasted wonderful and everyone was pleasantly surprised to know that it was an organic cake." - Anupam

"I had the best birthday celebration ever!!! On June 4th I and my closest friends had a great birthday dinner at Made with Love - outstanding menu - luscious cake and lots of love!!!! Celeste outdid herself - we had such a wonderful time - I can't wait to find an excuse to celebrate there again!!! "  - Julie

"The cake was AMAZING!! Everyone was loving it!
We shared it with the staff at bar majestic (where we had the shower) and they could not get over it either)." Holly

"Picked up cupcakes for my mom & brother's birthdays this weekend, delicious!" - Dawn

"Thank you, Celeste (and Liz) for making the extra effort.  You will be pleased to know that you were part of the first time in 30 years that I was successful at surprising my wife on her birthday.  I still can't believe I actually did it!!  Cake was beautiful and delicious!" Werner

"The GORGEOUS cake was a big hit at the Owner Meet & Greet.  Folks gobbled it up and it was absolutely delicious.  I made sure folks knew about our event plans together and encouraged folks to patronize the cafe with the postcard discount in hand (we put a JCFC sticker on the card indicating the 10% discount to designate the discount).  Thanks again Celeste!" - Alma

"My co-workers are raving about the cakes you made for my company on Monday!!!!" - Beth B.

Thank you everyone for joining us for our New Year's Celebration this year! Many sincere thanks to Celeste as well for making it all possible and for providing us with an incredibly delicious experience to usher in the New Year! We are so grateful to have you all in our
lives and look forward to many more fun filled times with you in 2011! Thanks again and HAPPY NEW YEAR! - Lori & Renata

Thanks a lot again for the delicious (and gorgeous !) holiday cupcakes you realized for the JC Moms "Meet&Greet"! They were definitely the guest stars of the evening. The moms really enjoyed them. It was a real pleasure to work with you & Made With Love - I can't wait for the next opportunity.

Thanks to so many people and groups, and a special shout out to Made with Love Artisan Bakery and Cafe for donating baked goods. Fair Share distributed 150 dinners, and some lucky recipients enjoyed MWL scones and breads. Thank you, Celeste Governanti! -
Trish Szymanski - Jersey City Fair Share - Thanksgiving Meals for Those in Need.

Had a wonderful meal at the communal dinner tonight...Gazpacho, chicken with roasted vegetables, salad with watermelon, and fruit tart for dessert. The theme was "farm to table." Thank you for a delicious meal, Celeste!

I think this was one of the best (communal dinners) yet. And that berry shortcake with fresh whipped cream....Still debating whether to return for the same dinner next Thursday night. I wonder if she even has room.

Just wanted to say you THANK YOU so much for providing the delicious, yummy, fabulous food for the Art Eat Up on July 9th. Everyone gobbled it up and loved it! You have really helped to make both of these events so far a great success. We can't thank you enough for your help and support.
- Rebecca F.  To see some pictures of the Art Eat Up, click here.

Another delicious dinner at Made with Love Organic Bakery - Paul Silverman

Celeste! Thanks again for a fantastic dinner last night!  Stephen enjoyed his 41st birthday and I enjoyed the chicken.  Everyone:  this is a great option if you want to take a big group of people (we had 12) out to a nice dinner, but still feel at home.

Celeste, that mini Strawberry Pie was the BEST!  I love the cinnamon and sugar on top of the crust.  Amazing!  My boyfriend and I dove in fork first!

Thank you very much for providing an engaging, educational, and yummy dining experience for my sister-in-law bride and friends on Saturday. We are loving the leftovers and my husband is especially excited about the flan recipe. We would like to make these fish tacos this weekend and only hope to find tilapia as good as you served us. Thank you for a wonderful lesson and dinner.  I hope the Swedish wedding cakes we’re a big hit!


Thank you again for our class on Saturday night!  We had a great time and the food was delicious.  We ate some more of the cake yesterday and it tasted even better on the second day!  We hope so see you soon at one of your Communal Dinners or other event.

I bought their chocolate cake to celebrate my first paycheck and it was rich and delicious! It wasn't too sweet or too chocolaty but very tasty. The frosting was just right and you can eat it on its own because it had the right amount of sweet. I bought it 2 days ago and just had a piece again today and it still tastes fresh.

Just wanted to let you know the cake was amazing....Thank you!!!!!

I just love love this bakery. It is inspiring to see a place like this in the gray cold downtown in the winter. As for the prices, it is funny, but i actually always asked myself how do they pay rent with $2 cookies.

I got my bakeries  and they are delicious! The guy was telling me about all the special things they used to make their cupcake, I didn't quite understand any of it but the cupcake tasted very good too. I will definitely go back.


Made With Love Organic Bakery

Thank you for a magical evening. We had a lovely time and really enjoyed just being with everyone. It was great; like Christmas all over again. Well, now you've reached your one year anniversary, I think you're well on the way to be a Jersey City Landmark. You make a huge difference to the community Celeste.Thank you for this little jewel in our midst.

organic anniversary cake

From the Fare La Scarpetta cooking blog: "For my parents’ anniversary, my husband and I ordered them a cake from Made With Love: Organic Bakery and Café in Jersey City, New Jersey. Celeste, the wonderfully accommodating chef, listened to my description of their uncommon wedding cake and recreated it. As you can see from the cell phone picture, the cake was designed like a ying-yang to represent their union thirty five years ago. The strawberry and pineapple fruit toppings set off the dark chocolate flavor of the cake. My parents “oohed” and “aahed” over the beauty and taste of this organic cake.

I LOVE this place. Celeste is incredibly sweet and charming, and the cupcake and brownies... oh god, they are unreal. My dentist is going to hate my guts -- or maybe love me madly? -- because this is my new spot. I don't know how I lived without it.

Sure, it might not be dirt cheap but considering how good the brownies and the cupcakes are, it's a small price to pay. If you can't decide on any one item, she'll be glad to offer you a sampling. I love Made with Love!

What a little gem of a cafe! I ate at Made with Love for the first time today and was very taken with its rare unpretentious charm, sumptuous goodies and the fresh, aromatic coffee. The cozy, homespun aspect of the place is underscored by a dynamic creativity that's inspiring. Celeste greets customers with a soothing, almost musical timbre to her voice and lends a strong and steady presence as the keeper of the hearth. A venue like this makes a neighborhood, and its enchantment proves the truth of its namesake.

Just wanted to tell you how much I loved your Pear Walnut bread! Such a great balance of crispy outside with moist/tender inside -and not too sweet.. just perfect. My family gobbled it up...

Thank you for making my family feel so at home and welcome for cookies and milk last night.

My daughter was at the baking class yesterday. The class was such a great success. She loved the class and couldn’t wait to share the brownies and cookies with her little sister and her mom.

She also carried several samples to school today so that her classmates could share in the bounty.

The idea to have kids’ baking class is really amazing. I love the concept. The kids get to learn something in a class setting, they get to create something from just bare ingredients and the end result of their work is satisfying (not to mention, tasty). I can’t thing of a better activity for kids to do than learning something practical together. Thank you so much for the wonderful job you did yesterday.

What would it take to get your deliciousness up in the Heights? We are DYING up here for some high quality goodness.

I tasted one of your cookies several weeks ago at the Brooklyn Flea, and I wanted to let you know that meeting you (and your cookies) was such a pleasure. I walked away feeling like I really had just tasted something made with love. What a joy to meet folks so generous about sharing their beautiful and delicious work!! Thanks much, and take good care...I just wanted to let you know that what you do (and how you do it) is appreciated. :)

I just purchased the honey peanut butter dog treats for my picky chihuahua today. I can't tell you how much she loved them-- most homemade dog treats are too hard for her to bite into (she's tiny) but these were the perfect consistency, I didn't have to worry about her choking on a too large bite. Thanks, I'll be back next week for more!

Thank you for the class-I had a great time and it was instructional and relaxing! I tried the flourless chocolate cake tonight and it was amazing...didn't miss the flour.  Planning to be back soon for a group breakfast at the bakery!

The quiche was worth the wait. I have had trouble finding good bread (the list of ingredients is huge and there is so much sugar/fructose, etc. in it) and yours was the best. I thoroughly enjoyed my breakfast this morning. You can count on me for repeat business.

Thank you for the amazing ying-yang cake that you made for my parents' anniversary! They were blown away by it. They said it was beautiful and just delicious!

I can't tell you how much we loved the evening. Everything was delicious, and we had a great time meeting our neighbors. We're SO happy you're in JC!

"Cocoa Velvet" by Noah
It is great to see a bakery and cafe which concentrates on organic and wholesome ingredients. I haven't had anything from this bakery that wasn't great, but the coup de grace is definitely the Cocoa Velvet Cupcake. Cocoa Velvet is a Red Velvet cupcake without all those toxic food dyes. I highly recommend them.

(Note from Celeste: this quote is on www.urbanspoon.com)

I just bought the gargantuan from you and you mentioned that everything came out looking great today - well I just HAD to tell you that it was WONDERFUL! Perfect. Not that I thought anything needed improvement, but this was the best one I've had.

Just wanted to tell you how delicious EVERYTHING I've tasted is! It is refreshing to find a bakery that puts so much love into everything you make!

I have to tell you the bread was wonderful (loved the rosemary and salt) and the chocolate chip cookies were awesome (burst of chocolate)!

It was great seeing you and you should put some of those gift boxes online so I can tell all my friends to by them. They're great Christmas presents!

(Note from Celeste - give me a call and we'll get those Christmas gifts done for you! 201-451-5199)

I bought from you for the first time yesterday in Ft. Lee and OH MY GOD!!! The best cupcake and coconut cookie EVER!!! Thank you!!!

Your site is almost as beautiful as your cookies. I just had the lemon ginger cookie purchased at the Englewood farmer's market. I will soon order a dozen or so for my book club. Your packaging is great also. The cookie has the amount of tartness I love! It will keep me from baking and consuming desserts every day. I will wait for Fridays.

I love that you've expanded to brunch and what a fabulous idea this communal dinner is. You're a wonderful and much appreciated addition to our neighborhood.

I can't say enough about the quality of food, service and ambience of this little organic bakery! Everything I've had there has been excellent (especially the plum and peach tarts). The owner, Celeste, is a kind soul available for a question, a special request or a conversation... She makes you feel like you've just entered your best friend's, sister's, aunt's, or mom's kitchen... This is a great place to listen to live music, get together, and of course indulge in everything that is sweet!

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